50 Magical Destinations That Seem to be Straight Out of a Fairytale

The number of people today are captivated by wanderlust is growing exponentially, and that is not by chance! The earth is a beautiful planet which has unbelievable destinations. This article is to showcase nature’s poetry to our readers. Below is a list of 50 magical places. I’m sure you’d want to visit all of them!

  1. Lofoten, Norway
  • Lofoten is an archipelago in the Nordic county of northern Norway.
  • The place is exclusively known for its picturesquely dramatic landscapes.
  • The place is surrounded by the Norwegian sea. It is a great place for hiking, trekking or just photography and relaxation.
  • You could stay in colorful fisherman cabins and enjoy the enchanting view of the arctic fjords!
  • The nearest airports are in Bodo, Harstad/Narvic, Svolvaer, Leknes, and Rost, which are islands in Lofoten. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach one of the airports by air from Oslo, and then a 30 minutes drive.
  1. Mont Saint Michel, France
  • Located as a little community in an island towards the northwest of France, Mont Sint Michael looks no less than a dream. It has a castle that looks similar to the one showed in the Disney logo.
  • The view is absolutely magical during nights. You could totally imagine a lighted up castle against a dark navy-blue sky with stars!
  • The best way to reach Mont Saint Michel is by road from Paris, or any other city. Drive to the parking lot, from where there is shuttle service till the castle.
  • If you want to go by train, you could reach Rennes, which is a lovely city in itself, and then a direct shuttle from Rennes to Mont Saint Michel.
  1. Hallstatt, Austria
  • Hallstatt is a little village on the shore of lake Hallstatt in the Austrian state of Upper Austria.
  • Besides being a winter wonderland, the village view is equally enchanting to soak in even in summers. Be it any during any time of the year, the place is a great destination to get away from regular noise and pollution filled days and enjoy moments of peace.
  • The village is easily accessible through railways and the journey in itself is mesmerizing. There are also lots of shuttle services available. The nearest airport is in Salzburg and you could either take a train or shuttle to Hallstatt.
  1. Lapland, Finland
  • Situated in the northern and largest province of Finland, Lapland borders Russia, Sweden, Norway and Baltic sea.
  • It is known for its snow-covered coniferous forests and spotless white winters. It is a true winter wonderland and should be visited at least once in your entire lifetime.
  • Visiting the place during winters can be scary but the feel this place gives is worth all the pain. You could also watch natural phenomena like Aurora Borealis and Midnight sun in this artic wilderness and these are quite commonly experienced.
  • The place is very easy to reach as the province has a number of airports connected to Helsinki. There are taxi and bus services available from the airports to reach the chosen destination.


  1. Tallinn, Estonia
  • This little capital of Estonia will steal your heart and make you long to visit again.
  • It is located in the northern part of Estonia and faces the Gulf of Finland.
  • The number and variety of sightseeing places is plenty and the city is known for its delectable cuisine. Th
  • e food culture is diverse as you find Russian, Nordic and Baltic influences.
  • The old town’s appearance makes it look medieval in every way with tiny little cottages having red rooftops. In fact, it is preserved by UNESCO because it is a medieval city.
  • Be it in any season, this marvelous city is a must visit for every food and heritage lover.
  • The city is quite easily accessible because it is the capital city and has an airport well connected to major European cities.


  1. Pertisau, Austria
  • Pertisau is a little village in the western state of Tyrol in Austria.
  • The main attraction here is the vibrant turquoise colored lake Achensee and the majestic Karwendel mountain range.
  • The Achen valley has a breathtaking and dramatic view be it in any season.
  • Winters in Pertisau are absolutely snowy white with little warm lighted houses and looks stunningly magical.
  • It is a great place for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and snow surfing. You could also enjoy the wintery countryside with sleigh rides!
  • The place is easy to get to as it is very close to Innsbruck. There are shuttles running from Innsbruck airport to Pertisau or you could also take a train till Jenbach station.
  1. Broadway, England
  • A huge village located in the county of Worcestershire, Broadway welcomes a large number of tourists every year.
  • It is famous for its little limestone made constructions from the 16th
  • It is an ideal mode to discover the surreal and colorful countryside.
  • The village has a number of cozy little cafes and bed and breakfast spots.
  • It is quite easy to reach by rail or road. The nearest airport in Birmingham is just an hour away from Broadway.
  1. Dark Hedges, Ireland
  • Located in County Antrim in the northern part of Ireland, dark hedges is a path surrounded by beech trees, creating a tunnel like structure.
  • The trees were planted by James Stuart and his family after he built a house in the area in 1775.
  • The path is worth taking a walk and soak in the magic of nature!
  • The place is found between two little Irish villages by the names Armoy and Stranocum.
  • The place is an hour away from Belfast and there are shuttle services from Belfast and Dublin.
  • It is advisable to make it a day’s trip. Since a portion of the famous HBO series Game of Thrones was shot here, the place is also open for visitors.
  1. Neuschwanstein, Germany
  • Known as a fairytale castle, the Neuschwanstein castle is located in Hohenschwangu village in the south eastern German state of Bavaria.
  • It is constructed as per Romanesque Revival architecture in the 19th
  • The castle would remind you of your favorite Disney movies whether you view it from outside or the other way around. In fact, Walt Disney used this model for Sleeping Beauty’s
  • It is truly a magical place and turns white with snow all around, soft cotton like snow on the coniferous trees all around.
  • The grand castle is just a 2-hour drive from Munich or a 1.5 hour drive from Innsbruck in Austria. There are shuttle services available from both the cities, and they also have the two nearest airports.
  1. Geithoorn, Netherlands
  • Believe me when I tell you that the medium of transportation in this village is through boats and bicycles.
  • Known as ‘Little Venice’, this little village is located in the Overijssel province in the eastern part of Netherlands.
  • The place is a little tricky to reach because no cars or vehicles are allowed in the centre of the village. One could drive, take a train or a bus from Amsterdam for just 2.5 hours. There are a cuple of restaurants and lodgings there.
  1. Shirakawago, Japan
  • Home to beautiful triangular shaped thatched cottages with lush green meadows, Shirakawago is a perfect fairy tale land.
  • It is located in the Gifu prefecture in Japan. Shirakawago along with Gokayama in Toyama prefecture are declared as UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • The village has unrealistic landscapes, and looks magical during winters.
  • The place is easily accessible by trains and buses and the village welcomes a large number of tourists every year.
  1. Rovinj, Croatia
  • Rovinj is a fishing town in the county of Istria in the western part of Croatia.
  • It has beautiful cathedrals and little cafes, and has old Venetian buildings made out of bright honey colored limestone. It has colorful houses and beautiful blue colored beach of the Adriatic Sea.
  • The place also has access to scuba diving and a national park nearby.
  • The place is abundant with truffles, which are supposedly one of the most expensive mushrooms for consumption. The town is also home to a lot of cute little pizzerias. You could enjoy freshly baked pizzas and pastas with wine and enjoy the hustle of the little town.
  • The place is located in the westernmost part of the peninsula. Therefore, it is accessible with boat along with other modes. There are ferries from Venice. The nearest airport is In Pula, which is connected to major European cities like Berlin, Rome, Frankfurt, Oslo, Manchester, Hamburg, London and Leeds.
  1. Hobbiton, New Zealand
  • The Hobbiton is a movie set exclusively made for the trilogy of Lord of the Rings.
  • The place is located in the village of Matamata in the region of Waikato in northern New Zealand.
  • Hobbit holes are large holes dug in to create living places on the valley of Ullswater in New Zealand. It gives you a feel of the rustic green nature and colorful little blossoms around and deep blue skies with swiped white clouds.
  • The place is easily accessible by air and road. The nearest major airport is in Tauranga, or it’s a 3.5-hour drive from Auckland.
  1. Positano, Italy
  • Positano is a beautiful village on a cliff in the coast of Amalfi in the southern Italian province of Salerno. The village is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.
  • It is colorful place with steep and narrow streets that give a vintage feel. There are plenty of cafes and boutiques along the streets and the place is a very popular destination.
  • The view of the village during sunset is especially dramatic, besides other times, with lighted houses stacked along the cliff, a gorgeous orange sunset, blue skies, and peaceful waters with little boats.
  • The village is easily accessible by ferry or road. The nearest airport is in Naples, which is a 1 hour 15-minute drive or a 40 minutes ferry ride.
  1. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • A little historical town in the south Bohemian region of western Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov is a Gothic and Renaissance component. It is known as mini Prague and has pretty and picturesque landscapes.
  • It looks magical in winters and has cute little cafes and picnic spots alongside the river banks.
  • The place is easily accessible from Prague by train and bus. And the nearest airport is also in Prague, around 180 km and a 2 hour drive away. There are plenty of shuttle services available not only from Prague but also from Vienna, Munich, Budapest and Hallstatt.
  1. Chocolate Hills, Philippines
  • Located in the Bohol island province of the Philippines, Chocolate hills get their name because the green grass turn brown during dry season.
  • These are at least 1300 hills spread over an area more than 50 square kilometers. They are geological formations as a result of years of breakdown of limestone rocks. They have a beautiful conical shape and varying sizes.
  • The local inhabitants have planted rice and corn around the area, which gives it a lush green view. The location looks charming tropical views with lush green conical hills and blue skies with fluffy cloud formations.
  • The nearest airport is the Bohol airport in the city of Taglibaran, which has direct flights from Cebu or Manila. Taglibaran can also be reached by a ferry boat from Cebu.


  1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
  • A naturally made enchanting lush green tunnel in the city of Klevan in Ukraine, the Tunnel of Love is a place to take a stroll and feel the magic of nature!
  • It is a railway stretch from Klevan till Orzhiv. Whether you decide to visit the place in summer, winter or any season, you would be nothing less than mesmerized.
  • The place is said to grant wishes of lovebirds, and hence the name.
  • Klevan is a little town in the Rivne oblast of western Ukraine. However, the nearest city is Rivne. Both Rivne and Klevan are easily accessible by train or bus from Kiev.
  1. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
  • Located in the capital city of Moscow, Saint Basil’s cathedral looks no less than a magical castle of a Disney princess! It has colorful swirly onion shaped domes and a sight that would forever make a mark in our hearts.
  • It is located in Red square of Moscow and is a popular representation of Russia. It was constructed in the mid-16th century and stands eminently near the Kremlin.
  • It wasn’t colored for the first 2 centuries after its construction and today is a UNESCO World Heritage site as it stands majestically on the Red Square in capital city of Moscow.
  • The domes seen represent 9 different chapels, each colored differently.


  1. Hallerbos, Belgium
  • Hallerbos is a magical looking forest with vibrant bluebell flower carpet and the forever green coniferous sequoia trees, found throughout an area of 550 hectares.
  • It is located in the municipality of Halle in the north Belgian province of Flemish.
  • The place is around 30 kilometers away from the capital city of Brussels and is only a 40-minute drive away. There are also plenty of buses and trains available to reach the spot.
  1. Reine, Norway
  • Located in the northern Norwegian county of Nordland, Reine is a fishing village in the island of Moskenesoya. It is similar to Lofoten archipelago, which is quite close to the village.
  • You could stay in colorful cabins which are renovated.
  • The nearest airport is in Svolvaer and nearest port in Moskenes, where ferries arrive from Bodo.
  • Be it the mysterious Aurora Borealis or the colorful shoreline along the Reinefjorden, the village will take your breath away. After all it is said to be the most beautiful place in Norway!
  1. Dzuko Valley, Nagaland
  • Located on the border dividing north east Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur, Dzuko valley is heaven on earth. The far stretching lush green meadows, rare and bright fuchsia tinted Dzuko lilies and the endless bright blue skies will make you feel like you are dreaming.
  • Known as the ‘Valley of Flowers’, the Dzuko valley is elevated to a height of 2450 meters above sea level.
  • Not yet affected by the wrath of commercialization, the place is still unknown to most people and hence is a great trekking and hiking spot with less crowd.
  • It is located in the western part of the Viswema village, which is at 22 km south of the Naga capital of Kohima, therefore is easily reachable.
  1. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan
  • Located in the Kawachi Fuji garden in Kitakyushu, a city in the Fukuyoka prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, the Wisteria Tunnel is home to more than 22 species of wisteria plants.
  • It is best to visit the place during spring, especially from April till May to extract the best value of your visit.
  • The tunnel looks brightly colored from varying shades of pastel pink and lavender. It feels so enchanting inside that it’s impossible to not imagine yourself in a fairy tale.
  • Since it is located in a fairly major city, the place is easily accessible by road, air or even waterways.
  1. Enchanted Forest, Canada
  • Located in the western most province of British Columbia, the enchanted forest is home to the tallest treehouse of the province. It is placed between Vancouver and Calgary on the Tran-Canada Highway.
  • There are structures of popular folk figures like Snow white, Goldilocks, the Pied Piper, etc., which makes it quite popular amongst kids and makes the elders take a dip in the pool of nostalgia.
  • A great place for little family outings, this place is satisfying to all age groups. There are options for boating or just chilling in the lap of nature.


  1. Quebec City
  • Capital of the French speaking province of Quebec, the city is located along the Saint Lawrence river.
  • The city is a popular destination for Christmas and vibes of magic make their way throughout.
  • Old Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Christmas decorations and snow make it all the more magical. The city also has great spots for winter sports at the outskirts.
  • The vintage buildings are made similar to French style due to the presence of French communities in the city. In fact, city gives a feel of Europe and is known as one of the oldest cities in the continent.
  1. Tbilisi, Georgia
  • The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi is an old town made out of cobblestones. It is the largest city in the tiny old country and while you get modern vibes, the old charm still remains.
  • This colorful and vibrant city is home to cathedrals, small shops, narrow lanes and little cafes. It is home to varying types of architecture from different times.
  • The place also has a palatable cuisine from grilled skewered meat, salads and dumplings.
  • The town is easily accessible by air, road or even ferry.


  1. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
  2. Galpagos Island, Ecuador
  3. Huacachina, Peru
  4. Caño Cristales, Chile
  5. Pontrieux, France
  6. Grindelwald, Switzerland
  7. Sonmarg & Gulmarg, Kashmir
  8. Kotor, Montenegro
  9. Aspen, Colorado, US
  10. Wroclaw, Poland
  11. Guyeres, Switzerland
  12. Blue Mosque, Manzar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan
  13. Faroe Islands, Denmark
  14. Granada, Spain
  15. Hoi An, Vietnam
  16. Andalucia, Spain
  17. Dog Mountain, Washington
  18. Wuzhen, China
  19. Ohrid, Macedonia
  20. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  21. Tuul River, Mongolia
  22. Goreme, Turkey
  23. Kangaamiut, Greenland
  24. Guanajuato, Mexico
  25. Palaui Island, Philippines

I’m sure we all were swayed by the idea of fairy tales and fairy tale lands. In fact, most of us must have visualized such destinations whenever we read a book or heard a story. Hope you liked this article. Let us know if you have more such dreamy destinations in mind through email or a comment below.


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