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With this thought in mind and as an inspiration to live life, we Sunita Biddu and Aditya Shrivastava, are two wanderers who love places as much as we love ourselves. Having traveled all over India, Indonesia and seeing the amazing cultures around the world, people of amazing spirits and most importantly the beauty of nature, we come up with the idea of TravelledAround.

TravelledAround is a travelogue guide of the readers to experience various places. So whether you have already visited a destination or you are planning for a trip, there’s something for you in here that you can relate to.

For everyone who loves places, culture and traveling, TravelledAround is the ultimate destination. From itineraries and travel guide to facts and figures about a particular destination. From the list of amazing countries to plan your next solo trip to top places where you can consider sky diving, we have got it all.

Sunita Biddu Sunita Biddu (Founder & Chief Strategist)

A successful business coach who believes in living life in her own terms, Sunita Biddu is an internet industry expert who loves her ventures most next to traveling. With more than 9 years of experience and half a decade of running her own companies, she aims to travel the world. Being a tech savvy and internet expert, she now focuses on helping the aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches already established business to reach at their peak.

When her eyes are off the screen, she will be either cooking or dancing salsa. Or you can find her in her garden.

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Advertisement Aditya Shrivastava

A true example of will power and self-motivation, Aditya Shrivastava is a fitness freak who is a great marketer as well. Now successfully running the fitness blog anextrarep.com, he is working in transformation of hundreds of lives through his coaching and work out plans.

Being a vivid artist, he loves spending time in theater as an actor playing multiple roles. He believes playing various roles helps him understand the very basic of various human nature and this in turn helps him understand his clients better and serve them efficiently.

A life enthusiast, fitness freak, blogger, traveler, marketer, he is now on his way exploring the world and sharing his experience here in TraveledAround.

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We at TravelledAround around posts from our readers as well. You can share your travel experience and knowledge with us in the guest post section. Apart from that if you have any related business that you got to promote to, then you can contact us to submit your ad banners and sponsored posts.