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Hey! Did you just return from one of your memorable trips? Do you want to share the amazing experience you had in the whole world? Perfect. We are here to hear your story and spread it across the world.

We invite all our readers to share their travel stories with us. We would like to know where and how did you plan your family vacation, or an escape from the crowd by a solo trip to Bali, your honeymoon trip itinerary or an alumnus group trip.

Also, do you know which will be the best places one can consider going this June for their trip? Do you know what are the top places in Fiji where one can go for shopping? Or do you have any facts and knowledge about the places?

Be a guide to the world, help others like you, and plan their travel. Recommend places, foods, and places to visit in your favorite destinations.

How you can get started with this?

Yes, you have the liberation to send the post in your original words. You can send relevant pictures and links that you can affiliate to the post. We will share more details about it in the next section. Since many people might have already traveled the places you went to and many people already know the destinations you are describing, so we recommend your post to be unique, readable and worth the time one can invest in so that our lovely readers like you do.

You don’t need to worry about the composition though. Our team of expert bloggers will go through the content, review and construct it so it qualifies the criteria to be posted in our blog and shared across the world.

Rest assured, we are here to make your blogs relevant and sharable. Click here to write to us for assistance.

So now when you are ready to write your experience and knowledge. We request to keep these details in your mind.

General qualifiers for the post.

  • Since we recommend the post to be unique and fresh for our readers, the blog should be free from Plagiarism and should not violate copyrights.
  • Images make a blog look great and lively. Your pictures should be widescreen in landscape mode.
  • You can include the source link, to be added in the post, from where you have taken the facts and figures if any.
  • The important links related to post such as bookings for accommodation or traveling can also be included.
  • The contents, pictures, links are subject to review by the TravelledAround team.
  • If you want to share the raw content for your post, we will have the privilege to share it with our own style and multimedia.

So now when you are aware of the general guidelines, let’s discuss something more about the best contents that can form up a good blog.

  • Texts: Yes, the words that the readers will be going through should original and fresh. We will go through the Plagiarism test for the contents you share. A post of 500-1000 words constitutes for good readability, however, you have the freedom to write as per your post requirement.
  • Images: Images enhances the beauty of the blog, so you are free to insert good images relevant to your post. An ideal image resolution can be 250-500 pixels wide. We recommend the pictures to be in landscape orientation.
  • Links: You can embed links suitable to your posts. You can go through our website and embedded the link of previous blogs related to your post. You can insert other links describing in details about contents in your post as well.

So what’s in store for you and us?

TravelledAround is a travel blog. So we strive to provide as detailed information about the places in the world and the experience the travelers can get. We aim to provide our readers with confidence about a place, with user stories and guides, where they have visited or planning to visit. We encourage traveling among the readers as traveling is what interests those visiting this blog. And you, of course, are getting a platform to share your story. If lucky, you can get awarded for the post of the month with exciting gift vouchers and prizes. And most importantly you will get featured on the most promising travel blog and their social media platforms. So you will be a little famous Ibn Battuta here.

Here are some of the things that you can consider writing on to:

  • The story of your recent trip and your experiences
  • The do’s and don’ts that you know about a particular place
  • Guide and a brief itinerary to one of your favorite traveled destination
  • List of places in any category (such as places to be considered traveling during October, best places for shopping, rich heritage, retreat centers, and many things)
  • Recommendation about traveling services and accommodation in your favorite destination.

It has been our continuous endeavor to encourage traveling and meeting like-minded people who love traveling as you and we do. It’s a platform to share your experience and the knowledge of your traveling. And to socialize with similar kind of people.

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